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I have answered every question that was a story problems that had any relation to math for which an answer existed. I have ever answered some questions which had a vague relation to math, but still related.

Experience in the area

My experience is from when I started doing story problems in grade school. I have been assisting, helping, and bringing smiles to many others ever since. Are you the next one?


In over 850 questions answered to other users. Maybe you're the next one ...


I received a BA in Mathematical Sciences from OSU and a MS in Mathematics from OSU as well.

Awards and Honors

I earned Both my BS degree and MS degree with honors for having such a high grade point average.

Past/Present Clients

I have answered hundreds and hundreds of students at OSU in the 80's and over 8,500 questions right here, but only a little over 850 of them have been word problems.

What do you like about this subject?

Its always the same. Sure, what is being measured may vary, but its always the same.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I aspire to assist many more in mathematics by demonstrating how to do the problem.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

If there is a pizza involved in writing this question to me, you might have the leftovers when I answer it.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Some say its my word against yours, but I just say it all comes down to a word problem.

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K.F.03/16/17101010Thanks for the reply and explanations!
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Recent Answers from Scott A Wilson

2017-03-11 Directly Proportional & Inversely Proportional:

After taking Physics, I find it very important to note the units involved.    For the 1st problem, since it takes 4 people only 3 hours, multiplying that means the fence can be done in   12 people*hours

2017-02-12 Place Value:

Place value usually says which number it refers to.    In the 690, the 1s place value is 0, the 10s place value is 9 and the hundreds place value is 6.    Another example would be with the number 527.

2016-12-09 Tax Rates:

It can just be left as 7/100.  The only reason to put in, 'units',' is to remind the person to put in the correct units if they are in the problem.  This would happen if the question was in were in another

2016-12-06 Tax Rates:

Sorry about how long this took, but I finally got back to my computer.    'Units' is used to show that the numerator and denominator are measured in the same thing.  Instead of units there might be seconds

2016-12-02 Tax Rates:

Multiplying by percentages does no change the units involved.  Note that 7% is really 7/100 and has no units.  It only means 7 units / 100 units, whatever unit is used.    This means that 7% of $5.00 is


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