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I can answer questions wrapped in words. This includes questions related to Logic, Natural Numbers, Integers, Real Numbers, Complex Numbers, Number Theory, Geometry, Trigonometry, Graph Theory, Square Roots, Basic Integration, Profit-Loss problems, Work-Time problems, Equations etc.

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I am Bachelor of Engineering from the reputed institute in India.

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Recent Answers from Pawan Musale

2014-06-01 geometry_word_problem:

(a)    Area of rectangle = length (x) * breadth (y) ..................(1)  One side is 1.5 m longer than the other.  Hence  x = y +1.5 ......................(2)    Area = 13.5 (given)    Hence, from equation

2014-05-26 Percentage Calculation:

Hi Kenneth  You are right.   Here is a simple way to confirm it. Your equation is r = (100 X r) X 1/100. 100 in the numerator gets canceled by 100 in the denominator. Hence the equation will become r =

2013-09-20 finding point slope equation in application:

Melanie,  Here rate of increase is constant which is 4.2 million. First year sales is 5.8 million and it is increasing linearly after that. Hence 5.8 will be the constant to which 4.2 will get added each

2013-08-18 word problem:

Jay,  Here is the answer and approach to your question:    Let us assume that the person invests Rs x in fixed deposit and Rs y in savings account. Since he has total Rs 30,000, we get    x + y = 30,000

2013-08-18 math word problem:

Hello Angelo  Please find below the approach and answer to this problem:    Let us assume that there are x number of one-bed apartments and y number of two-bed apartments in the building.    Since total


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