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Word problems are my favorite type of math questions! I would not feel comfortable answering questions that require specialized knowledge (Physics, Statistics, etc.) because I have not studied these in depth.

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I tutor students (fifth through twelfth grades) and am a Top Contributor on Yahoo!Answers with over 24,000 math solutions.


Co-author of An Outline of Scientific Writing: For Researchers With English as a Foreign Language.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Master of Business Administration degree from The Wharton School.

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George White Elementary School. Homework Help program at the Ridgewood Public Library, Ridgewood, NJ. Individual students.

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Matthew09/18/16101010Very helpful and insightful!! Thanks a lot!
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Recent Answers from Janet Yang

2016-09-07 Rates:

"20 workers can paint 5 houses in 10 days."  20 workers 10 days = 200 worker-days  (200 worker-days)/(5 houses) = (40 worker-days)/house    2 houses (40 worker-days)/house = 80 worker-days  (80 worker-days)/(8

2016-07-29 Unit Rates:

Depends on the phrasing of the question, i.e., what you're trying to solve for.  Without seeing the question, I'm guessing you need to determine how long it would take a certain number of men to paint

2016-07-14 Permutation & Combination:

Let the first choice be a woman. There are 5 possibilities.    Choose another 3 people from the remaining 9 people. No repetition, order does't matter.   Number of possibilities = 9!/(3!(9-3)!) = 9!/(3!6!)

2016-03-04 Binary Operations:

A*B = (2A-1)/2 + B ∀ A,B ∈ ℝ    (2A-1)/2 + B is real for all real values of A and B, so ℝ is closed under *.  :::::  A*B = (2A-1)/2 + B   = A - + B  = B - + A  = (2B-1)/2 +

2016-03-02 Unit Rate Solution:

Yes, it should be able   1 job (1 hour)/(⅕ job) = 5 hours"   Sorry for the mistake.     "How did you get worker-hours"  Perhaps it would be clearer to express the rate as   ⅙ job per 10 hours


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