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Hello, I am a college professor of mathematics and regularly teach all levels from elementary mathematics through differential equations, and would be happy to assist anyone with such questions!

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Over 15 years teaching at the college level.




B.S. in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
M.S. (and A.B.D.) in Applied Mathematics from SUNY @ Stony Brook

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Patricia08/28/16101010Thank you very much for your answer!
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Kenneth08/20/16101010Thanks for the great reply and helpful .....
Kenneth08/01/16101010Thanks for the reply and information!

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2016-09-15 Speed Word problems:

I gather you meant ""How LONG does it take to travel..."  not "How FAR does it take to travel..." -- yes?    Also, you have that the boy gets back to AZ at 15:15 AM??  What is 15:15 AM???  15:15 would

2016-08-27 Math:

Hello Patricia,    Mathematically, it is true -- based on percentages.  But I suspect that there is more to this  than simple percentages.  Is the expected return directly proportional to the amounts you

2016-08-23 Rates:

Sorry, I did not notice the original question.  I need to revise my previous answer.    Let's look at from another point of view.  20 men can paint 5 houses in 10 days = 1 man can paint 5/20=1/4 of a house

2016-08-19 Price Increase:

I believe the conventional thinking, and I concur, is the greater percentage increase is the better performer.    Consider extreme cases... suppose a $100 stock increases by $10, which is 10%... vs a $1

2016-07-30 Unit Rates:

5 houses by 20 men, gives a rate of 5/20 = 1/4 of a house per man in 10 days.  Thus, per day it is (1/4)/10 or 1/40 of a house per man per day.    So, 40 men work at the rate of 40(1/40) house per day


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