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Hello, I am a college professor of mathematics and regularly teach all levels from elementary mathematics through differential equations, and would be happy to assist anyone with such questions!

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Over 15 years teaching at the college level.




B.S. in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
M.S. (and A.B.D.) in Applied Mathematics from SUNY @ Stony Brook

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2017-04-11 Abstract Rates:

This means:  p players can score 5/30 = 1/6 point in 1 minute...and then,  each player can score (1/6)/p = 1/(6p) points per minute.    Therefore, p+2 players can score (p+2)*1/(6p) = (p+2)/(6p) points

2017-03-04 Rates:

I think the wording is ambiguous.    Is "6 candy bars cost $5.40 for 3 kids" meaning "6 bars per kid," or "6 bars for all 3 kids"?    If it is "6 bars per kid" then your results are correct...otherwise

2016-12-29 Rates:

The 39,000 man-hrs is the amount of work done or to be done. So, it could mean 39,000 men work for  1 hour, or 3900 men work for 10 hrs, or 390 men work for 100 hrs, or 39 men work for 1000 hrs, or as

2016-12-26 Rates:

Here's one way...  195 men x 10 hrs/day x 20 days = 39000 man-hrs was required to complete the job.  That means the job requires 39000 man-hours.  if each man work 15 days for 13 hrs/day, then he works

2016-09-15 Speed Word problems:

I gather you meant ""How LONG does it take to travel..."  not "How FAR does it take to travel..." -- yes?    Also, you have that the boy gets back to AZ at 15:15 AM??  What is 15:15 AM???  15:15 would


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