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I can provide good answers to questions dealing in almost all of mathematics especially from A`Level downwards. I believe i would be very helpful in calculus and can as well help a good deal in Physics with most emphasis directed towards mechanics.

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Aspiring theoretical physicist. I have been doing maths and physics all my life.


I teach mathematics and engineering physics.

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Mubashar 11/08/15101010 
John07/29/15101010Thank you very much, Ahmed!
saravanan06/10/15101010Dear Prof Thanks for your reply
John10/28/14101010Quick reply and loaded with detail.
Fran Master J07/26/14101010I love you sir! You are fantastic! .....

Recent Answers from Ahmed Salami

2016-05-09 numerical:

Hi Muhammad,  From the sum of angle formula;  cos(A+B) = cosAcosB - sinAsinB  Letting A = B = θ  cos(2θ) = cosēθ - sinēθ    But we also know the identity; cosēθ + sinēθ =

2016-03-07 O/l problem:

Hi Bob,  We have been given an equation which gives us the relationship between the position of the particle X, as measured from the fixed point O, and the time t.   X = t - 16/t  The problem states that

2015-08-28 Differential Calculus:

Hi Christine,  The first thing we have to do is relate the base angle to the altitude. Consider half of the isosceles triangle to one side and you have a right-angled triangle with a 4 feet long base.

2015-03-14 math:

Hi Nicole,  First of all, you need Discrete Maths for computer science so there's no point asking if it's difficult. I mean this in the sense that difficulty is a relative thing and university education

2015-02-15 differentiation and continuity:

Hi Apoorv,  Differentiability implies continuity but the opposite statement doesn't hold. This means that a function can be continuous at a point where it is not differentiable, but if we know a point


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