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Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.


I have a master's degree in bioethics which inlcudes medical and research ethics. In addition to a law degree, I have a doctorate of philosophy in comparative ethics involving medicine, law and business. I also am an Adjunct Professor at a medical school.

I can answer questions related to the ethics of withholding, instituting or withdrawal of life support.

For more information, you may visit my website at WWW.EXPERTETHICS.COM

Experience in the area

I have been a practicing trial attorney since 1989 plus I have a master's degree in bioethics and a doctorate of philosophy regarding comparative ethics. I am also an Adjunct Professor at a medical school where I teach current providers and students medical ethics.


State Bar of Arizona
State Bar of Colorado (inactive)
District of Columbia Bar (inactive)
Federal Bar
Licensed in Arizona District Court
Licensed in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Licensed in the United States Supreme Court
American Bar Association
National Board of Trial Advocacy
American Association for Justice
Arizona Trial Lawyers Association
American Society for Bioethics and Humanities
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
National Association of Realtors


A list of my copyrighted publications and presentations is contained at WWW.EXPERTETHICS.COM


Bachelor of Arts 1985
Juris Doctorate 1989
Master of Arts in Bioethics 2004
Doctorate of Philosphy 2006

Awards and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa
Multiple Who's Who

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Recent Answers from Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

2014-01-12 Medically Dead?:

Sullivan,    "Medical" or "Clinical" Death is defined as "There is no pulse, no respiratory movement and no corneal reflex."  "Legal Death" is defined by each state, however, the Harvard Criteria is utilized

2012-10-03 DNR:

Joyce,    His stating "I want my wife to make all the decisions" is not the same as "I want/do not want a DNR".  You are imposing your value system for your husband but he should be making his value system

2012-10-02 DNR:

Joyce,    I am sorry to hear about your husband's illnesses.    The television show is as real as it gets.  If the provider believes any further treatment is futile, the usual discussion is cessation of

2011-11-12 hospice care for father with copd chf dm2:

Rhonda,    I am sorry for the loss of your father.    If it was your father's wish to be put on a DNR, then your mother did the right thing.  If your father never expressed his feelings and your mother

2011-10-24 End Stage Liver Disease:

Nicole,    I am sorry to hear about your brother's condition and I am sure it is hard on him as well as the family.    There is no way to know how long your brother will survive.  It sounds encouraging


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