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I can answer questions where practical advice is sought in relation to behaviour issues of 2-10 year olds. I specifically look at the influence of personality in a child's behaviour and tailor advice to suit the individual child and parent. This is useful since not all children are the same. I can suggest techniques for tantrums, child aggression and sibling rivalry and adapting to change.

Experience in the area

I am a counsellor and child behaviour consultant based in Sydney, Australia and mum to three boys ages 12,10 and 6. I have been involved in setting up and facilitating community support groups for new mothers and run parenting workshops so parents can better understand their children's behaviour. I have spent alot of time observing personality differences in children and understanding how these differences can be used to make parenting easier. I developed the Early Childhood Personality Rating Scale for identifying child personality types in children as young as two. I am the founder of Parent with Potential and developed the Prechooler Personality Kit and READ personality system for primary aged children. More info can be found at


Book: In this Present Moment: Quality Time Ideas for busy parents.


I have a Bachelors Degree in Applied Social Science (Counselling).

Past/Present Clients

Parents of 2-8 year olds. Mothers with Postnatal Depression or anxiety attending a support group or seeking individual counselling or advice in relation to their child's behaviour.

What do you like about this subject?

Children come as they are. If we as parents take the time to just observe them, we can start to understand them and appreciate all there is about them.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

At the age of two a child has some distinct characteristics but can be a combination of two or three out of four personality types. By five the child is a combination of two types or may even display only one dominant personality type. Personality is set by six. Parenting can influence personality.

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