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I can answer all your questions regarding the travel and tourism in Turkey. I'm a professional licensed tour guide since 1990 and a local travel agent since 2000. For all kinds of information regarding Turkey you can also check my website

Experience in the area

I'm a licensed tour guide since 1990, conducting private and group tours in English and Italian.


Turkish Tour Guides association, Italian Highschool Alumni association


Several blogs on the internet. You can check my website


Italian Highschool and Dokuz Eylul University Tourism & Hotel management.

Awards and Honors

Several sports medals, Best Travel website award in 2008

Past/Present Clients

Thousands of them.

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Debra03/30/13101010Thanks for the helpful information.

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2016-11-03 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt does this cause?:

Hi,   The coup attemp doesn not pose a risk for visiğtors. It's more for internal issues nowadays, the government is after the cooperators of the coup, purging thousands of government employees who

2015-06-28 invite letter:

You should write & sign it, then send a copy to your fiancee and another copy to your consulate/embassy in Turkey from the city where she's going to apply for the visa. Note that the letter doesn't guarantee

2014-03-16 learning turkish:

Hi,     There are many foreigners who live in Marnaris, therefore I'm sure there must be lots of Brits. Maybe you can search on Google and find some of them, so they can give you some good info locally

2013-07-19 Visa for Chinese Citizen:

Hi,     If she has already a valid Schengen visa (or residence permit) from a European country or from an OECD country, she can get a 1-month valid visa. But if she doesn't have Schengen or OECD visas

2013-06-23 How to get an nvitation letter from Turkey:

Hi,   Like the Embassy said, you need an invitation letter to get a visa, and of course you should bring many other documents to the Embassy (financial status, bank accounts, property registry or study


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