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Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D.


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Questions such as 'what are some options for dealing with this problem' are easiest to answer. It's difficult, if not impossible, to diagnose anyone over the internet.

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I'm a licensed psychologist, since 1994. I have raised several step-children.


American Psychological Association Florida Psychological Association National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology



Psy.D., Miami Institute of Psychology, 1993

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Boy! Is parenting ever hard!!! What makes it so hard? Most of us have had only fair roles models for parenting, and we have no training or prior experience. Even if we had those benefits, each child is very different and requires different parenting techniques.

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No matter how good a parent you are, your children are likely to blame you for screwing up their lives. On the other hand, take heart! No matter how bad a parent you are, it's probably 'good enough', and your kids will turn out just fine.

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We know very little about the 'extremes' of parenting - when bad parenting becomes abuse, or when mediocre parenting becomes exemplary...

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2017-01-07 blended family:

Isn't that pretty normal behavior?   --- well, it's pretty typical, for sure. And, the level of potential harm is very low.    Am i wrong in my thinking that it wasn't worth exploding over and sending

2015-10-10 girlfriend allowing ex-husband in her home:

Should my girlfriend give her ex-husband access to the house?  ---- well, the key question, to me, is whether one can tell someone else how to live their life / raise their children. Generally, unless

2015-01-28 My Daughter Heard Me with My Boyfriend:

Hi, Lisa, I don't think I really understand your question. It seems like you are saying this:    "I want to do whatever my 22 year old daughter tells me to do. And, if she doesn't like something I do and

2014-03-27 single parent:

Hi, katie, thanks for your question. You asked, "t what age do I explain to my son about his biological dad"?    The answer is - at every age. But, the more important question is "what do you tell him?"

2014-02-23 Giving attention to oldest daughter:

Hi, Leila, thanks for your question. You asked, "how can I get her to talk and give her more attention and time?"    Well, I have to admit that I feel inadequate to answer this question, for several reasons


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