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I am happy to answer any questions about how to USE Microsoft Windows 2000. I still run both Windows 2000 Workstation and Server here in my office. Also, please be sure to check the Windows Tips & Tricks and Windows Tutorials sections of my web site.

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I have been using Windows 2000 since it first came out. I have been teaching Windows (all versions) in the classroom since 1994, and online through computer tutorials since 2002.


I have been volunteering on AllExperts in the categories of Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and Weight Loss for many months now.


I have created a line of computer tutorials online at


Owner of and computer tech since 1990.

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2012-08-11 partitioning windows 2000 pro existing parttion:

Yes, you can use the Disk Manager to create new partitions in empty space HOWEVER Windows 2000 can't resize active partitions so you will need a 3rd party tool to shrink the existing OS primary partition

2010-11-08 Installing windows XP over Windows 2000:

I have NEVER been a fan of installing one operating system over another one. Even so-called "upgrade" options cause more trouble then they're worth. I've always been a proponent of FORMATTING a drive first

2010-10-20 low virtual memory:

Virtual memory allows your computer to take a chunk of hard drive space and treat it as system memory. It's also called a "swap" or "paging" file.    In Windows 2000, right-click on My Computer and go

2010-04-20 Upgrade:

Well, I never recommend UPGRADING your operating system. If you're going to move up to Windows 7, your best bet is to install a fresh, new copy - preferably on a new PC.    However, with that said, if

2009-09-11 MS Works Suite 2004-:

Sorry, but I have never used Works Suite 2004.    It sounds like Word can't read your data file. I would try saving the data file as something else (I'm sure there's an option in Works to do that, but


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