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I am helping people online since 7 years now, currently on this site. I like To help people as far my knowledge goes...i can help with some Hardware Problems, Some parts of Multimedia and some internet related topics. But please dont ask me about Server Operating System and Microsoft Office Products.

Experience in the area

NT Administration, working in an IT department for over 11 years now, was working as Hotline Supporter for Compuserve Germany, worked for Dell and HP in technical support in Germany from 97 to 99


Microsoft Trainings sometimes.. more learning by doing

Awards and Honors

I answered more than 3700 questions in my 2 years on,
currently working in an IT Department...I dont answer any Questions about Server Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Products....As the freqent questions about Password related topics are rising up, i dont answer any Questions about "How do i logon my system when i forgot my password". Answering this would be against the laws in my country, and excuse me, i dont know you and nobody can prove me that you really want to log on to your pc and not anyone else. Thx in advance.

What do you like about this subject?

Working with Windows from 95 over 98 up to NT/2000/XP and now Windows 7, know a lot about the traps inside microsoft ..... but i do not know everything, and i dont answer any Questions about Microsoft Serverproducts and Office Products.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

helping you helps me to stay up to date in my job

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sandi06/28/11101010thank you sir, YOUR ADVISE REALY HELPFUL .....
craig07/29/08101010It was called vftp1a2x.exe and came .....
Glen03/11/08101010Tom, I found your suggestion to be .....
Glen02/24/08101010Tom, Thank you. Your information will help .....

Recent Answers from Thomas

2011-03-31 windows 2000 system files:

Hi    use of Filesystem does not cause ATAPI.SYS errors..where should a virus come into play when the machine was not online ? a ticking and clicking hard drive sounds like a near future headcrash, and

2009-11-29 HP scanner:

Hi    accidently the sound of the scanner does not indicate that the device is working properly. its a self test...the internal interface for the usb port could be non functional...did u try to connect

2009-04-15 Setup.exe error:

there are so called Administrator Versions of the Service Pack which can be downloaded on a different computer and then burned on a cd and transferred to the one which needs to be updated...    http://www

2009-04-15 Setup.exe error:

Hi Bob    i think this software needs windows installer 3.0 and most of the windows updates, install the latest service pack und windows updates on this machine..    Regards    Thomas

2008-11-19 pop up blocker:

Windows 2000 has no Popup Blocker on its own...Internet Explorer has this feature


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