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I have 26 years experience windsurfing and can answer many questions regarding technique for all levels, equipment rigging, how to go fast, some tricks, and where to sail in your area. I can also provide many links to info regarding travel, gear, and how-to`s. For those looking for older parts or general info regarding older equipment, I can usually help.

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26 years windsurfing throughout many parts of the USA & Canada.


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Brian09/07/16101010Very fast response. Although there is no .....
Jamie09/05/16101010Great. I will try that! Thank you .....
Ronald07/28/16101010Thanks that helped and have found the .....
John06/17/16101010Great answer....thanks for the link that .....

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2016-09-06 Kerma Mach 3:

Hey Brian,    Finding a manual would be like winning the lottery. The best I can do for you is direct you to some very detailed explainations I have written on rigging. At the main page of AllExperts,

2016-09-06 Kerma Mach 3:

Hey Brian,    There will be very little if any info to be found on those old Kerma boards. They were only in production a few years and are very obsolete. A few parts may be replaceable but it really depends

2016-09-04 F2 Strato fin screw/slider issue installation:

Hey Jamie,    Looking at your picture it all looks like the correct parts. You have to slide the end of the fin with the pins in first and slide it towards the tail. Remove the fin screw from the nut.

2016-07-16 O'Brien Sensation:

The sail that says boom 175 is part of your answer. This is telling you that to rig that sail properly, the boom length should be set at 175cm. Booms normally come in 3-4 sizes and each size covers a range

2016-06-13 Obrien Allgaier System 62:

Hey John,    You really do need a fin even when using the board as a SUP. Looking at your pics I see that you will need a fin box and a fin. Measure the slot for length and then Google 'fin box'. You can


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