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Hello, I am an American retired in Thailand for 2 years living about 2 hours south of Bangkok. It is a beautiful country offering so much starting with the friendliness of the people. I can help you on basic traveling or living questions for coming to Thailand and generally what to expect.

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I have retired in Thailand for close to 2 years and can answer general questions about living here from costs to what to expect and how to prepare for your travel.

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I am an American retired in Thailand. This country is a beautiful place in so many ways. I can help you with general questions on visitng and living here.

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Thailand is a beaitiful diverse country offering so much for travel and living.

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noreen06/09/16101010Thank you Rolfe! That is something I .....
Matt02/29/16101010I'm an allexperts volunteer myself. Thank you .....
Jim09/20/12101010Thanks for your help; good to know .....

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2016-02-29 Thailand to Cambodia for American:

Hello Matt sorry I cannot really answer that question with  definitive answers however let me pass you on to there you will find a forum and just type in your travel question and you should

2012-09-17 Safety of person and property in Thailand:

I always have felt safe in Thailand (ten times more thaan dominican republic)..however...late late night..being intoxicated..wrong part of town can turn into problems...sorry I never had shot but try to

2011-12-22 moving to Thailand:

Hello Barry... first of all I wish you well in your new marriage..  having said that there are certainly a lot of financial considerations you must take.. as far as I know if you buy a house over there

2011-08-25 General.:

Hello Uma..I know nothing that you are required to let the US Embassy know where you are in Thailand... although they do like you to register so if they had any alerts or warnings they like to be able

2011-08-03 travel to Thailand for 2 weeks:

The beautiful beaches are in the southern part of Thailand....  but be aware that the price for hotels and food are much more expensive...  I really can't recommend one area over another and suggest you


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