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I can answer most questions about travel and living in Thailand. This includes food, culture, people, cost of living, and the different regions of Thailand. I can't answer questions about the far south of Thailand, politics, Buddhism.

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I have lived in Thailand for the past almost 7 years. Before that I came here as a soldier and trained with the Royal Thai Army over a 6 year period. I have traveled extensively and maintain a website about the province I live in.



I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from University of Maryland.

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Recent Answers from Darwin Dennis

2016-07-04 Phuket Transportation:

TAXI MAFIA? What is that? I have lived here 16 years and never experienced that name.  I think you should talk to the staff on your arrival vessel. They should have someone similar to a concierge in a

2011-08-03 travel to Thailand for 2 weeks:

Hello Seyed,    First just for your information it is now the rainy season and will last until the end of October. Any beach plans you have might get rained on.     If you want a nice beach as far as sand

2010-11-15 travel to bangkok thailand:

Fe Jennifer,    A challenge you set before me but I will do what I can. Please remember these are only suggestions.    Day - Go to floating market early morning plus take in some of the sights around there

2010-06-22 Travel details:

Samira,    It is safe to travel to Bangkok. As with traveling anywhere you just must be alert and aware of your surroundings. I have been to Bangkok recently and experienced no problems.    As for visa

2010-02-08 No idea of Thailand:

I will try to give you some suggestions.    In Bangkok and around the area you might visit the Floating Market. People sell food and items to visitors who travel down a canal in a boat.    The Grand Palace


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