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If you are a serious entrepreneur and want to set up your own business or ensure that your existing business is more profitable then let me assist you. I own and manage a succesful business planning web site and have written many succesful business plans for companies all over the world. I answer questions on business start up, business strategy, business models, business planning, marketing plans, marketing strategy, branding, business tune ups and business improvement. I do not answer any legal, tax or accountancy questions - you should see your own professional adviser about these. If you cannot be bothered to read and rate my answers - I can't be bothered to answer yours!! If you have a small internet based company, I would welcome your help in completing a survey and helping me with my Masters Dissertation. I am researching how a small company can build its brand and grow quickly using social media marketing. The survey takes 4 minutes and all information is confidential and will NEVER be used for marketing purposes. Thank you in advance. The link to the survey is below: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1679437/Branding-using-Social-Media

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Over 20 year’s management, IT and business consultancy experience with businesses large and small as well as being a serial entrepreneur. Business Planning business via www.bizguru.us www.BusinessPlanningPros.com and www.businessplannow.com


A prolific writer and published author, I write on entrepreneurship, project management, bid management and career improvement.


BA (Hons) Economics MSc Marketing Management , studying for DBA. Numerous business qualifications.

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2016-02-02 canvas:

I am not sure why you are seeking this option as this is usually used by large companies.  However a quick google search provides you with a number of options.    If you are looking for business planning

2015-12-19 social media and Facebook:

You should undertake both internet marketing as well as guerrilla marketing -see any of Jay Conrad Levinson's to learn more about this. Set yourself up a marketing plan to meet your budget. Remember to

2015-11-08 Movie Theatre Business:

I think the first thing you should do is lots of research to ensure:    1) That people actually want a new movie theatre.  2) A suitable venue that people can find, get to and is suitable for the type

2015-08-22 Business Plans:

Please do not use template business plans if you are seeking sourcing - they are not well received.  A business plan should be the summation of your planning, strategies and thinking.  If you are seeking

2014-07-05 Question for Lee:

With 30years consultancy, numerous management qualifications a Masters in marketing and studying for a business based PHD, I know I am an expert. You asked for my time free of charge and I gladly provided


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