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I can answer questions about taking x rays, some questions about ct scanning, training, etc. cannot answer questions about mri, ultrasound.

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I have been doing this now for a total of over 32 years. I have experience in trauma radiology, including domestic violence victims and limited post mortem exams. I worked the 4-12 shift alone for 14 years on the second busiest shift of the day, which includes inpatients, outpatient, ct, surgery and emerg fluoro cases. I have good interactions with students and continue to teach on site.






Have ARRT Certification from an accredited college and of course continue to maintain ECE credits.

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Have several Performance Awards for accomplishments and going above and beyond what is expected.

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Prashant S Akerkar09/12/15101010Dear James Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....

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2013-06-22 X-ray tech in GA:

hi Peter; hows it going today? to answer your questions, these days, yes, it is hard to find a job in the x ray field. the reason is that there are a lot of people qualified to work, but not enough jobs

2012-05-25 Job as Coder/ Biller:

   hi..i dont know about that subject. you can call personnel offices and also do the allexperts site and look for medical coders.  you can also call the managers of medical coder and billing offices

2011-10-13 regulations for supervision of x-ray tech:

       hi..your dr wants it in the same building as his office because it brings money into the place. in theory, the law says if a dr is present in the building when the contrast is given, its legal

2011-07-23 radiography:

         you are most welcome! im not sure why the instructor would not take it as a credible source, but if that happens you can always call a school of radiography  and find out if you can get one of

2011-07-22 radiography:

         hi; i was just wondering about that info; thx.  how long i have been in this field for now just over 33 years.  the changes i have seen come in the forms of speed and how much detail can be


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