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Devoted fan of the 2nd longest-running drama in television history. From the first time I watched the show with my friends, I was hooked! The plots, the sub-plots, the character interaction, the complicated character history, the back-stabbing, the lies, the cheating, the scandals - how wouldn't like this show?!! That coupled with great acting has made this show stand out above the rest is by far my favorite TV show of all time. Dallas, was good too-hey I have to give it props, after all Knots was a spin-off of this show, but Knots wasn't (always) about the glitz and the super rich. For the most part these were middle-class families living extraordinary lives. Ok one more thing-who cannot resist humming the theme song while watching the opening montage? I consider myself a Knots Landing expert and will do my best to answer your inquiries.

Experience in the area

Besides watching the entire series countless times when it was on TV and the bits and pieces I've recorded (now on warped and antiquated VHS), I've written for a few Knots Landing fan websites, read and studied the show for my own personal satisfaction. Over the years my friends and I have had long discussions about plots, characters, things we liked, things we didn't like. We've covered just about all bases - we're well versed in "everything Knots".


KNOTS LANDING sites ( on the web that writes fantasy scripts to once again bring the characters to life in storylines and plots that we the writers create solely for the entertainment of our fans and ourselves. Interact with other fans and share the most up to date information about the show.




English and writing major in college

Awards and Honors

Best amateur writing awards in H.S. and college for writing (short stories and plays) Award for most creativity and creative characters

What do you like about this subject?

Knots Landing to me was a time in history when being bad was fun, so unlike today. It was for me, seeing the other side of a show, the writing, the creativity, the behind-the-scenes. The beginning of my love for writing.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

To help educate other die hard fans and try and get our point across to the powers that be, that we would like Knots Landing to be seen as a worthy TV show. A show that needs to be put on DVD so it can be shared by people and introduced to new people and hopefully gain a new fan base.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The first season was FINALLY released on DVD back in March 2005. Since then the second season was released, then nothing. We've heard there isn't an audience for it. I'm hoping, along with millions of other fans, that there is an audience for it. We want our Knots!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

It was a good time to be bad. Villians didn't always start out or look like villains. Storylines didn't start and end in two episodes. It was spread out ingeniously, sometimes almost an entire season. We really had something to look forward to each week. Today every episode of a new TV show is a storyline. No comparison.

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Recent Answers from Kent

2015-09-05 Knots landing:

Hi Karen,    LOL I agree. A lot of KL fans are older and we definitely would like to see our show on DVD in our lifetime. I do know that two petitions were started within the last 7-10 years of memory

2013-09-20 knots landing:

Hi James, I'm with you. Not only that, Knots Landing was the second show in television history to last 14 years on the air. You, me and thousands of fans share the love and admiration of KL. Unfortunately

2013-03-19 knots landing missing episodes !:

Hi Jennifer,    I used to know two people that had all seasons of Knots Landing.  Within the last two years they stopped responding to requests and emails.  Unfortunately, Warner Bros. only officially

2013-02-01 Knots Landing:

Hi Gloria,    As much as i hope, pray and dream, i don't think it will make a comeback (i do hope i'm wrong though!!). It appears though KL does have its die hard fans, it just wasn't as popular as Dallas

2012-06-06 Knots Landing:

Beverly,    First let me say thank you for being a fan!! :-) I too, have watched seasons 1 & 2 over and over again, plus watched my old VHS tapes that I have. Over the years I've met and spoke with many


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