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I am willing to share my know how gained from 15 years of supporting PeopleSoft payroll and related modules. I do not have access to an installed system at this time, so my knowledge will be from memory and analysis of provided facts

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PeopleSoft Payroll -- development and support PeopleSoft Payroll Interface -- development and support PeopleSoft Benefits Administration -- support PeopleSoft COBOL -- Functional expert/programmer


BA Mathematics, PeopleSoft employee 1993 to 2004

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Recent Answers from Matthew Bowden

2016-03-15 benifts enrollment:

Benefits Administration is a separate module from Payroll and Time & Labor.  As such, it has it own setup and processing menus in the PeopleSoft menu structure.    The primary role of Benefits Administration

2016-03-09 Create paysheet process - PSPPYBLD is going to error:

The fact that the job is in Error in the process scheduler suggests the issue may be prior to the launch of the COBOL program -- PSPPYBLD.  Is the process scheduler able to find the executable file? Is

2015-12-06 Peoplesoft payroll SQL error :

Most commonly this type SQL error is due to a misalignment between the COBOL source program and the related Stored SQL statements.  First be sure that the two source files are at the same version -- release

2014-03-09 Automatic Paysheet Update in Paygroup:

The 'automatic update' referred to by the Pay Group setting is to pre populate employee paysheets with standard hours and earnings -- including earnings distribution and additional pay values.   This will

2013-12-31 Deduction calculation:

These two explanations are a bit vague at step 4.  Also the step 5 is really not clear at all -- unless you understand the term withholding to mean all deductions -- taxes, garnishments, benefit contributions


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