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I have raised three teenage daughters and have been there for them, through peer pressure, helping them on self esteem issues, sharing feelings, communicating with their partners and making personal decisions. I am very proud of them today and feel fortunate to have had the education to guide them in becoming the confident and professional women they are today as well as valued wives and mothers. In my career as a registered nurse, I've been a childbirth educator for pregnant teens and at the delivering bedside of teens as young as 12. I've taught health education to students from grades K-12, especially helping them to explore the values that can work well in their lives, helped them to clarify which values might be most meaningful to them, and have always shared the concepts of caring (for themselves and others), having respect (for themselves and others) and taking responsibility (expecially for their own actions). I can be a listening ear, supportive when needed, an educator, (I have a master's degree as a nurse-specialist in child and adolescent health), and a resource for information.

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As a mother, Health Educator K-12, Parent-Teen Workshop Facilitator, Teacher Trainor Registered Nurse (Labor & Delivery) Childbirth Educator for Pregnant Teens Counselor of Pregnant Teens Child Care Educator for Teen Parents; Adoptive Parents Maternity Professor--student nurses


Registered Nurse/AAS degree, County College of Morris, Randolph Childbirth Educator, ASPO Lamaze BA degree - (Education), University of Massachusetts/Amherst MS degree - (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Child & Adolescent Health), University of Massachusetts/Amherst

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