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I will not answer number questions (i.e. What year, how many, what channel)No soap opera questions. No questions about the TV itself.

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I am nationally recognized as a TV critic and historian. I was the TV Geek on Beat the Geeks for two years. I am the current reigning champ on TV Land's Ultimate Fan Search



College graduate, but more importantly, I am the King of TV!

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Mike04/26/14101010Thank you so very much for your .....
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louis11/22/13101010Good logic. I hadn't thought of age .....
Bud11/18/13101010Fantastic!!! Thanks again. Bud & Moe Haley
dennis05/29/13thank you Paul,very much for your .....

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2009-09-08 I need help figuring out what this quote means from a televison show.:

Before I answer, please keep in mind that the quote has nothing to do television or TV trivia.    It's a common quote, sometimes worded differently; "If my grandma had balls, she'd be my grandpa," or "If


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