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Lived in Israel for 10 years but have been away for the past three. I can still provide advice on where, when and what to see. I have limited knowledge of hotels/BBs/hostels and restaurants but I know some really interesting, out-of-the-way places for any length of stay and have a good understanding of the different cultures.

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2015-06-27 Sites:

There is a small museum in the centre of Rishon it is one of the first Zionist settlements in the land in 1882. Other than that, the beach side of Rishon is very

2013-02-15 Haifa:

Hi, Sorry it took me so long.   Apartments here tend to be available at the last minute so looking for October you will not likely find anything now. end of August, beginning of september is a good time

2012-07-04 classifieds?:

There are is which is in Hebrew and is like Craig's list for items. For jobs there is and    These are


Hi, Yes, I think any experience away from home is a good idea. It will help her grow. The first thing you should do is contact your Israel program center/Aliya center at the local JCC. They will have information

2012-01-27 найти место захоронения матери:

Я не могу найти русское кладбище в


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