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Helping Jews connect to their roots in Israel. Biblical and Talmudic sites, archeological excavations, new settlements, Ecology, Organic Agriculture, photography, understanding modern political questions, etc.

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Twenty years as a tour guide in Israel.

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Shep12/30/09101010Thank you for your prompt response. I .....
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jessica03/27/09101010thankyou so much!
juan01/01/09101010wow, thanks, brother :)

Recent Answers from Menachem Brody

2011-01-02 Talmud:

Hello Richard,    Why do antisemites concentrate their attacks on the Talmud, which is secondary to the Jewish belief, and not to the Bible, which is central?  As you may imagine, the Bible being central

2009-12-29 Abraham's Burial:

Shalom Shep,    That is quite an involved question, which would need the gift of prophecy (or a lot of good guesses) to answer well...    You can read the brief account in the Bible: Genesis 25:7-11  

2009-09-02 Jewish dinner customs in approx. 30 AD:

Shalom Donna,    I am not familiar with such a custom in our sources.  More than that, I do not recall mention (from that time period) of the use of a "napkin" as we know it today:  a piece of cloth used

2009-08-25 The cost for a private guide in Israel?:

Shalom Mike,    There are a lot of variables here, so I suggest you correspond directly with someone who can provide that kind of tour (sounds like fun, but 11 days is a little much for me at this time

2009-06-09 Jewish Roots:

Shalom Elisabeth,    It is quite possible that your family has Jewish roots, but it may be difficult to trace...    As you probably know- all the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, though there remained


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