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Leon Gork


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I can answer questions on Jewish history and religion, especially the relationship between Judaism and other religions and questions about every aspect of Israel

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I've been a tour guide for more than 25 years in Israel and I've taught Jewish History and Religion in various schools at high school level


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BA in comparitive Semitic Languages and 5 years of university study in Jewish philosophy

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Jerri06/28/151010Prompt and clear response..Todah Rabah(garnoo b'Rishon .....
Stephanie04/08/13101010Thanks so much for the answer and .....

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2016-07-29 help:

Israel is definitely a great country in which to live, but the government here is very strict about who can become a citizen. The only requirement is that you be Jewish. This is not an easy thing to become

2015-10-19 Ancient Judaism:

I believe that all the events in the Bible took place in reality, but it's impossible for archaeology to prove this. For example,the most important event of all, the creation of the universe by God is

2015-07-24 Judaism:

Judaism is a religion that is followed by people who belong to the Jewish nation, it is the Jewish nation's characteristic. It is what makes a person a member  of the Jewish Nation. It is part of a threesome

2015-06-27 Sites to visit:

Rishon is only 10 km from Tel aviv and mostly people from rishon go there for entertainment but Rishon also has a beautiful cultural centre and you should see what Shows are on there. Rishon has a reconstructed

2015-06-27 work together:

Thank you for your suggestion but I am only a tour guide, I'm not an agent. I can answer questions about israel and Judaism but I cannot undertake to make hotel reservations. I would be happy to guide


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