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I can answer questions about server hardware RAID and general storage for servers and PC's - hard drive issues, troubleshooting, advice, specs, and information. While some apparent drive/RAID array failures can be recovered, I can only provide advice/recommendations in the event of catastrophic data loss. I don't assist in actually recovering from this type of data loss on this forum.

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I worked as an analyst in Dell server support for 2 years, and have since worked with many Dell PowerEdge servers. I am currently employed as IT Manager. I am currently ranked in the top 5 All-Time in Server Hardware and Hard Drives in a very popular and large forum similar to AllExperts.


I have a BS in Computer Science and have earned the following certifications: CompTIA Security+, A+, Project+; CIW Web Design, Database Specialist; Microsoft Windows 7; Dell DCSE Server. I am also an expert in Windows 7, Servers, and Hard Drives (I don't normally do XP - not because I don't know it inside and out, but because I have "retired" personal support for XP, and I want to see it die :)).

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Hi Dave!    While I would never question your IQ based on your ability to use computers, frankly, I think your concerns about SSD's are unfounded.    SSD's, in the VERY early years (8+ years ago), there

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Hi Billy!    I'm sorry, but what makes you believe you need to reinstall? I don't see anything to indicate that Windows might not be on the SSD. It comes with an SSD, so the only way that Windows wouldn't

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No, external hard drives are made with the exact same drives as many computers, so their chance of failure is equal too those internal drives.    Solid State Drives exist that have eliminated the moving

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Hi Shahan!    The only real way to know is to have kept an inventory of what was in the system before and compare it to what is in the system now. Something like Belarc Advisor, CPUz, or CrystalDisk, etc


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