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I will try my best to answer questions on installation, maintenance, debugging and salvaging of internal/external hard drives. I've had experience recovering data from damaged disks and recovering disks after being diagnosed as corrupt/damaged. Just drop me a line and chances are I'll be able to help you or direct you to some one who can.

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2011-01-01 Memory loss after formating external hard drive:

Bill,    There's a tiny difference between GBs and Gbs :) Marketers often use the later. In practice GBs means Gigabytes and Gbs means Gigabits which obviously is less than bytes. So 1GB = 1025 KBs and

2010-04-28 External Hard Drives:

Hi Bob,    Sure, if you want to go with the external drive option then all you got to do is (1) decide the capacity that you want to invest in - 250mb, 500mb, 750mb, 1gb, etc (2) let windows do the backup

2010-04-27 External Hard Drives:

Hi Bob,    Yes you can backup your old computer. There are several ways you can achieve this. You can, as you mentioned, invest in an external drive or simply connect the old drive to your new computer

2010-04-19 laptop hard drive:

Hi,    Afraid the error prompt doesn't have any info. All I can suggest is to try using a third party utility like GPARTED or PARTITION MAGIC. Create a live disc and run a check to find out what's wrong

2010-04-18 laptop hard drive:

Hi Mark,    A drive reporting less than actual space can be a minor issue. But the setup reporting something wrong with the hard drive is what you should be worried about.    Are you able to send a screen


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