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NEW and INTERMEDIATE USERS. WHAT CAN FILEMAKER PRO DO FOR ME? I have been using FileMaker products for over 10 years and have basic knowledge in all areas of FileMaker database set up and use. I`m not prepared to answer questions about complex situations or calculations but can help beginners and intermediate users set up and use FileMaker databases.

Experience in the area

Have been using FileMaker since 1989 in our business. We have 10 users on the network who use these databases every day. Our largest databases have had over 30,000 records at one time. In 1995 one of my files was chosen as "Most Unique Database" in a contest sponsored by Claris, maker of FileMaker. Recently I have developed a set of files for new computer system installed at our church.

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy working with FileMaker Pro because it has so many different uses. Also, you can make changes as your needs change without having to re-enter data.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

There are always many things to learn. I will be concentrating on using FileMaker for importing and processing of customer documents and making all of our files work together for increased efficiency.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

FileMaker can manage any type of information you may use in your business and give you custom made reports to help you look at your data in new ways.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

FileMaker is also available in a runtime solution version. If you are interested in having a solution created for you without having to buy the FileMaker application, see me for details.

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2015-03-12 Invoice:

Hello Nikke;    1) If a figure is being auto calculated, just go to Manage Database, select the field and click Options.  Then uncheck the AUTO ENTER option that is being auto entered.  Your field may

2014-09-26 Filemaker Pro:

Once you have determined that the data in the PRICECALC field is correct and thats what you want in your PRICE field, just click into the PRICE field in any record and choose Records > Replace Field Contents

2014-09-26 Filemaker Pro:

Hi Mel;    You only need two fields.  PRICE is the actual price field that you will use to keep the prices in and PRICECALC is the temporary field you will use to update the prices.   Replace the data

2013-03-13 Mail Merge the contents of a container field.:

The container field, even if it were a calculation would only show the contents of the container field.   You could have two fields close together - the mail merge field and the container field arranged

2013-03-13 Mail Merge the contents of a container field.:

You cant do it with a mail merge field on a layout because mail merge is merely text.   It would have to be a container field to show the contents of the container field.    Jamey


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