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I can answer any question relating to freedom of religion or the Establishment Clause, including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). My specialties involve religious discrimination by government in allocation of benefits, usually in the educational area. I cannot give specific legal advice on specific cases you may have.

Experience in the area

I have participated in the litigation of a number of religious freedom/Establishment Clause cases, including Rosenberger v. Univ. of Virginia and Columbia Union College v. Clarke.


Former Attorney with Center for Individual Rights


Washington Post
Washington Times


JD from Univ. of Michigan Law School

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Truman Scholar

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Recent Answers from Michael Troy

2015-02-11 Unconstitutional?:

Hi Richard,    No public official can be required to swear using the term "under God" in order to take office.  You don't even need to go to the First Amendment for that.  Article VI itself says that "no

2010-03-07 use of tax payers money:

Hi Rob,    Generally speaking, Courts have found that Churches and government may do business with each other as long as the arrangement has nothing to do with the government trying to aid a specific religion

2009-10-29 separation of church and state:

At the time very little would have changed.  Many argued the clause was irrelevant because the federal government had only very specific authority to act on matter explicitly listed in the Constitution

2009-09-17 mormons:

Hi Larry,    The very early LDS Church did allow black priests, but in 1848, the Mormons decreed that blacks, who they claimed bare the mark of Cain, could not be priests (which is the title given to every

2009-06-10 School Law:

Hi Lanete,    This site gives a good summary of key cases:    You may also want to take a look at a few of the sites of key organizations involved in this issue


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