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The First Amendment. Early writings of the USA founding fathers. Recent Supreme court rulings on church and state. The meaning of "separation of church and state" given by the Amendment and by the Bible. Knowledge of websites which speak to this matter.

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I am an ordained minister earned degrees: BA, BTh, MDiv and almost thirty years in parish work.
I have also studied the First Amendment and believe that I have a good understanding of what our founding fathers meant by writing it.

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2009-10-29 separation of church and state:

There is a great deal of difference in people's views on the Constitution and Bill of Rights concerning "separation of church and state".      What we have today is a view of the Supreme Court's present

2008-08-29 Founding Fathers:

Our founding fathers believed that a democracy would be the best alternative to all other forms of government and would serve the general population.    Their thinking was based on many factors but primarily

2008-07-25 Prayer in school:

The goal of taking prayer out of public schools is to get God out of the lives of people..... especialy chldren.   This has been the goal of God's enemy since our first parents walked on earth.      It

2008-06-06 How is doctrinal defamation Ok??:

The purpose of excommunication is not defamation.  The purpose of excommunication is to "win back" a brother:    1 Cor 5:11  11 But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls

2008-04-22 Founding Fathers' Statements on Seperation of Church and State:

Thomas Jefferson is about the only one who used terms which could be interpreted as "separation of church and state" in his non-governmental writings.  But these writings were never included in any documents


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