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Can answer questions related to the systems implementation, integration with SAP, training in processes, data conversion, design of processes for in-field operators to improve effectiveness. Areas I specifically know are: Pre-Sell, Tele-Sell, Route-Sell (Ex-Van), Vending, Settlement, Inventory, Invoicing, Credit Management, Marketing Equipment (Tracking, Service, Return on Investment), Despatch, Management Reporting, Systems Delivery)

Experience in the area

Designed, delivered and implemented several system for multi-nationals (such as Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Walkers, Matutano) for the Back Office and In-Field (Customer Reps and Route staff). Have worked internationally for 20 years (Europe, Asia, and South America).


State University of New York NYU/Courant Institute of Mathematics

Past/Present Clients

PepsiAmericas Pepsico Frito-Lay Pepsi-Foods Matutano Walkers Britvic Schweppes Mars Overseas Bottling FAURT (Hungary) ...

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