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Expert in Pre-Employment Background Screening, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Proper Use of Public Records for Employment Pruposes.

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5 Years Management Experience in the Pre-Employment Background Screening Industry.


National Association of Professional Background Screening Companies


Bachelor of Science - Management

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We attract and serve an extraordinary range of clients, from multinational corporations to entrepreneurs and individuals.

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Noel12/15/15101010Thanks Mariano,much appreciated. Regards, noel
Kathy03/30/11101010Super fast. Short and sweet. Thank you! .....
Geneva08/06/10101010Thanks so much for your informative answer!!
Phillip07/28/10101010Thank you for time and detailed response .....

Recent Answers from Mariano Pacleb

2015-09-24 employment immigration status:

Gwen,       From the information you have provided, here is my opinion:     Yes, she can get fingerprinted and have a federal background check.  As an employer it is your duty to make sure that all employees

2014-02-03 interview:

Hi Atif,       You can ask for it but some companies prohibit giving copies of performance reviews to ex-employees.  The main problem that I see with getting a performance review is how to authenticate

2012-09-20 New Hire paperwork process:

Hi Nancy,       My first question is how are you verifying your employees Form I-9 Status?  Secondly, most employers make copies of the social security card and driver's license and put it in the employees

2012-07-30 Sharing Background Check Consent Form:

Jennifer,       Disclosures and authorizations should only be housed by one person or in a secure system, carbon copying individuals puts your company at a liability of being breached.  I do not know what

2011-09-17 Job references:

This seems to be an ethical dilemma, the good thing is that you do not have to give the reference to the company and most likely be put on the prospective employee to give another reference.  Also, you


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