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Expert in Pre-Employment Background Screening, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Proper Use of Public Records for Employment Pruposes.

Experience in the area

5 Years Management Experience in the Pre-Employment Background Screening Industry.


National Association of Professional Background Screening Companies


Bachelor of Science - Management

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We attract and serve an extraordinary range of clients, from multinational corporations to entrepreneurs and individuals.

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Noel12/15/15101010Thanks Mariano,much appreciated. Regards, noel
Kathy03/30/11101010Super fast. Short and sweet. Thank you! .....
Geneva08/06/10101010Thanks so much for your informative answer!!
Phillip07/28/10101010Thank you for time and detailed response .....

Recent Answers from Mariano Pacleb

2016-10-24 Resignation:

 Hi Michelle,       Your employer is required to pay you for your unused vacation time and sick time when you give notice.       Warm Regards,    Mariano Pacleb, Jr.  Chief Operating Officer  mariano

2015-09-24 employment immigration status:

Gwen,       From the information you have provided, here is my opinion:     Yes, she can get fingerprinted and have a federal background check.  As an employer it is your duty to make sure that all employees

2014-02-03 interview:

Hi Atif,       You can ask for it but some companies prohibit giving copies of performance reviews to ex-employees.  The main problem that I see with getting a performance review is how to authenticate

2012-09-20 New Hire paperwork process:

Hi Nancy,       My first question is how are you verifying your employees Form I-9 Status?  Secondly, most employers make copies of the social security card and driver's license and put it in the employees

2012-07-30 Sharing Background Check Consent Form:

Jennifer,       Disclosures and authorizations should only be housed by one person or in a secure system, carbon copying individuals puts your company at a liability of being breached.  I do not know what


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