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With over 30 years of studying Metaphysics and also being in Military Intelligence throughout the Desert Storm era, there is not much I have come across that I can not answer. Nevertheless, that doesn't really matter to some extent because knowledge in this category is nothing without proof. I can tell you the truth but only you can believe it or leave it.

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irrelevant as it is merely a boasting tool.


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irrelevant as it is merely a boasting tool.

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It is my entire life study as well as my entire life in general.

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I hope to spread the truth to those whom have fear in their minds but Christ in their hearts. Even unto Atheism, One has but to empathize for why they are who they are. Never frown upon a non-believer. There is much even Christians have yet to learn. Should you be frowned upon as well?

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The deceptions that lay before you are much stronger than you can possibly fathom. What seems like the truth that you are uncovering may in fact be Part 2 of the great deception. Secret information doesn't always get leaked... it only appears to be leaked when, in fact, it is all part of the plan to deceive you.

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Like many topics, lies are often birthed from truth. The "true" truth is what you really seek.

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2016-03-06 Aliens and 722:

First of all, in order to provide more details pertaining to the repeating numbers, I would need to know things such as the details of specific dreams, visions or spiritual occurrences (at least three

2016-03-05 Aliens and 722:

The repeating pattern of numbers are typically what i refer to as "recognition symbols".  As numbers are the universal language, this refers also to the 'other side'.  But their individual and specific

2015-10-20 What would the battle strategy be?:

Well, despite the fact that I don't believe aliens to be what most people think they are, I will go ahead and answer your question based on the concept that they are beings from other planets.    First

2015-03-25 Advice of fighting back:

All unearthly beings are subject to obeying any command given in the name of Yehoshua... However this doesn't often work because it also requires a real understanding into who Yehoshua really is.  You

2015-02-21 questions...:

I hope this doesnt get too confusing.  I also try to stear away from biblical things most of the time because the Bible is clearly misinterpreted even by the translators and people don't realize that there


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