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My lifelong personal contact with alien life is physical and spiritual, educational and progressive. The main representatives of the most highly intelligent, advanced and evolved races that visit Earth are my closest contacts, my teachers, and my lives long friends and colleagues.

These fine beings are those in charge of the organization of all of Earth's visiting races. My role with them is part of the multi world effort to unite our world with our local group of worlds. It is my position and intention to share my knowledge in order to help other humans learn about universal life and the nature of contact between us all.

My lifelong spiritual experiences include spirits of the departed, spirit guides and angels who work together with humanity and our galactic neighbors for the same objectives to ensure the survival of our human race.

I can answer questions specifically about the 218 alien races that are visiting Earth, their organization here, their common technologies of travel and concealment, their natural abilities, why they come here and what their intentions are for the human race. For other humans who have contact, I help facilitate communication and understanding so that they may become more productive in their own roles if they so choose. I can also answer questions about why there is so much confusion on Earth about these subjects and expose the disinformation that rules the human UFO field.

Experience in the area

My knowledge of alien life comes from my ongoing personal experiences with the alien races themselves. I do not study or represent the UFO field. I study and represent the alien races.

Learn more about my work with alien life at http://www.TheProjectAtEarth.com


My first book of three "The Project At Earth" is available from my web site http://www.TheProjectAtEarth.com and through all book stores.


Everything I know in the questions I answer as an expert on this site is from my direct experience. There is no place allowed to study the visiting races on Earth yet.

What do you like about this subject?

My favorite moment of my work is when I get to see that something I have shown to someone has broken their cycle of confusion so that their experiences become more productive and their life resumes more normally to them. Besides that, the aliens are awesome and being with them is always interesting.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

As a dedicated student of the Universe, I will forever learn and teach in my spiritual profession. It is my mission to bring to you a true awareness of alien life.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are 218 advanced alien races visiting Earth, and they are all working together now. Their organization is called "The Project At Earth." There is only one project at Earth. Other projects are at other worlds.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

When humans behave strangely about the unknowns, that is the nature of the humans, not of the unknowns. There is an ordinary, scientific and spiritual explanation to Universal life.

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