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I can answer questions on WHAT that thing was you saw in the sky, and WHAT happened to that missing 20 minutes while driving home, and just basic UFO questions. I can help eliminate the 90% that really is something explainable. Also work for www.badalien.org

Experience in the area

I know the "Bad Astronomer" who is a real astonomer and an author. I have access to many experts who have studied enough UFO cases to know what is "out there". So, any question you have, I can find someone that can try to answer it. I've also read all the Phillip Klass books, which I highly reccomend, and also the most recent Government Roswell report. Also check out www.badalien.org where I also work.




SWIFT, www.badalien.org

Past/Present Clients

Abductees looking for peace of mind, also do reporting and research for www.badalien.org

What do you like about this subject?

I like the mystery of looking at the night sky, and figuring out what all that stuff up there really is. I like reassuring people who are fearful of their UFO experiences. Enjoy reporting for the web site www.badalien.org

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to continue my own education of UFO's and to have an impact on people who have been traumatised by a UFO experience, and learn more for my work at www.badalien.org

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

While 90% of all UFO's can be explained, it's that 10% that's really interesting.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Afraid? You don't have to be. Excited, interested, of course!

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Colleen03/31/14101010Thank you very much! I appreciate all .....
Zahra10/05/13101010Hello and thanks for your reply.

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2016-05-07 Jonbenet Ramsey- An abductee? Any deaths due to alien abductions?:

sadly the decline is that the media is simply tired of reporting on it.  You will note it's always some sort of phase. Bigfoot is big, UFOs not so big right now.  Alien Abduction is seen as really just

2016-05-05 Jonbenet Ramsey- An abductee? Any deaths due to alien abductions?:

I'm old enough to remember this case when it was new.  Sadly she was not a celebrity until her death, and there is DNA evidence that proves it was a human being, not an alien, that sadly sexually assaulted

2015-03-21 Real or?:

I would say, your life is what happens to you.  You don't need validation about what has happened to you.  My own feeling is that somehow, you are more sensitive than other people.  I really admire how

2015-03-20 Extra Terrestrials in my field?:

First off relax, despite TV and movies and supposed reality TV shows, ET's and aliens and UFOs have never really hurt anyone.  So, even if it was aliens or some peculiar craft, your changes of having anything

2015-01-25 Aliens existence:

Sorry to get to this so slowly  I've been part of that  big winter storm and we lost power for a few days!    I do believe aliens are real, but feel that the type of alien most of us are familiar with


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