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Retailer of cigars and acc. since 1979. Cigars - I've smoked most including Cubans. Humidors- Testing humidors all the time. Selling humidors for 30 years. Pipes - I imported Briar and Meerschaum also repaired them in the 1980's. Lighters- Zippo distributor 30 years, expert in repair of old and new lighters although I haven't repaired an antique lighter in 15 years. Repaired thousands of butane lighters.

Experience in the area

30 years importing and selling retail and wholesale Pipes lighters,cigars and humidors. Designed and developed the only state of the art refirgerated mobile cigar humidor and the largest mobile cigar store in the USA. Repaired 50,000 pipes and lighters in the last 30 years. BR>




2 years Fullerton jr college

What do you like about this subject?

Using my info to help others is my goal.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Finally achieve success in the marketplace with my own designed cigar. And my own design cigar cutter.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Humidity changes with temperature The split in refrigeration temperature should be 10 degrees to achieve perfect equalibrium without drying the air.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Cuban cigars are made by slaves working for 7 cents an hour. All Cuban cigars are overpriced, most are not smokeable, many are bug ridden.I deal with the problems on a daily basis with my customers that buy them. "Some" Cuban cigars are made by lovers of the revolution and revere Castro so they make a great product BUT they are few and far between.

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Recent Answers from M J Robbins

2016-06-15 gasket for humidor:

A humidor that needs a piece of tape down the front should be returned.    If you are going to keep a lot of cigars you must buy the best unit in my opinion.  The best I have seen -   Why Choose Vigilant

2016-06-14 gasket for humidor:

Refrigeration dries the air.  Get a table top wine cooler, or if you have a big wine cooler, keep the cigars in there in the humidor.   A wine cooler is typically 60 degrees and 60% RH.  Set the temperature

2015-12-26 cigar humidor:

Mike Paradise Cigars on you tube for full info    Do not prep the humidor,  Fill the device with distilled water  If you do not have a solution available use one Boveda on top of the cigars also to control

2015-11-06 cigars contamination from bacteria or fungus from humidfier:

If some cigars smell weird you can do nothing.    Throw them out.    You must use a mold inhibitor. Most solutions available are 50/50 so use it every few months and distilled water inbetween.  Put in

2015-03-16 humidors:

The shelves inhibit the movement of moisture from the device.    You could in the future leave the cigars in the boxes they come in and take out the shelves this is always the best.    For the loose


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