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I am an expert in Latin Language and Literature and I'll be glad to answer any questions concerning this matter.

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Over 25 years teaching experience.


I received my Ph.D. in Classics (summa cum laude) from Genova University (Italy).

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Robert03/08/17101010Thank you very much, Maria.

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2017-03-20 Trust your instincts:

Hello Katherine,    “Trust your instincts” as  a command directed to yourself in the sense of self-reflection can be translated as  “Tuam sequere naturam”  or “Tuae confide naturae”, both  meaning “Trust

2017-03-19 Remember to Live:

Hello,    “Memento vivere”, just meaning “Remember to live”, does not change in spelling related to male/female person simply because “Memento” is the 2nd person singular, imperative of the defective verb

2017-03-15 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “Hic est enim Brutus, qui cum periturus mortis moras quaereret,  ad exonerandum ventrem secessit ” (Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, 82.12) the conjunction  “cum” governs the

2017-03-14 English to Latin Translation:

Hello,    here are the literal translations of the Latin  sentences that you mention:    1)“Nihil sine causa “ (Cicero, ‘De Natura Deorum’ [On the Nature of the Gods], Book I, chapter 92) = “Nothing without

2017-03-08 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.” In tanta iudiciorum diversitate referendam bene merentibus gratiam omnes tibi uno, quod aiunt, ore adfirmabunt” (Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, 81.31) literally means:”In so


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