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I love passions. I have been watching it since it started. I have never missed an episode. Feel free to ask me anything you want about storylines, characters and actors. I will answer as soon as I can. My favorite actors on Passions are Galen, Mckenzie, Lindsey and I also like Travis, Brook and Donn.

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I love Passions. I know everything about the show.

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Mikaela10/12/07101010Thank you!
Lori08/16/07101010Thank you so much for the quick .....
steffi09/13/06101010very timely thanks
Celeste07/12/06101010Thank you for the quick response
cory j.05/30/06101010hey thanks you were very helpful.

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2009-09-30 Passions episodes:

Hi Linda    let me see what I can do....about the links I will probably not be able to provide you with all the links but I will do my best :) hope that helps

2009-09-22 Passions episodes:

Hi Linda    Just type in Passions episodes 1999 since it started in 1999 you can see all the episodes from that year...and then you could see all the dates in 1999... you could watch them one after another

2009-09-21 Passions episodes:

Hi Linda    Thanks for your question well I have good news for you..I dont know anything about the super channel but if you have access to a computer then you can go on    and search for passions

2008-07-20 Theresa ethan, kay miguel:

Hi Kristin    How is it going? First of I dont know where you are at and I dont know how much of the show you have seen or was aired. I will answer you the basic stuff that I do know. I havents  watched

2007-10-11 passions online episodes:

Dear Mikaela     Hope your doing great.    I am soo glad you found us too lol.. We are happy to help as much as we can...Currently since Passions moved on Direct TV there are no websites online that you


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