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Property buy/sell decisions; market rent analysis; cost control/profit improvement; property management procedures; real estate portfolio management; selling real estate held by estates in probate or trust.

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Over seven years specializing in services to investors and estates.


National Association of REALTORS(R), California Association of REALTORS(R), Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS(R), Bay East Association of REALTORS(R)


My web site blog includes current market information and my "Real Estate Jargon" series that explains sometimes-confusing real estate terminology.


BS in Business Administration; MBA in Global Management

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2016-12-01 HOA:

A Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation, therefore I recommend you speak with an attorney regarding how to form one. It is very likely that you won't be able to force the vacant homeowner

2016-07-30 Is gas, heat, water, electricity, trash removal, cable:

I'm in California, therefore I am not able to give you a specific answer regarding landlord requirements in Michigan. As a general rule, however, utilities are identified in the lease as either paid by

2014-09-02 going from renting to selling...:

Pablo,  Without reading your property management contract, I can't know what your obligations are to the rental agent.  However, from my experience as a property manager and a broker, here are my general

2014-08-07 Rent to Own Properties:

There are a lot of misconceptions about rent-to-own deals and there are lots of ways to do them.  It all depends on the seller and how they want to structure the sale.  Here are 2 common examples.  1.

2014-07-12 Query.:

Ask the tenant if transferring the deposit is OK with them. I've transferred deposits to a new lease with words in the new lease that say something like $2,250 deposit already received."  I never trust


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