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I can answer questions related to sql queries, sp's/triggers, database design, optimization etc

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BSc Physics

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Recent Answers from Claude Veigas

2009-08-31 ASA Error -180: Cursor not open:

Hi,  I can't see any problem with the procedure or the cursor allocation itself. I checked the net to find out if others have encountered similar problems but could not get any resolutions.  If you've

2009-08-14 Restricting the Distinct Qualifier:

Firstly, apologies for the delay in replying.    If I've understood your question right, adding a "group by a15.title" before the "order by" should resolve your poroblem. You MAY not need to add the distinct

2009-03-27 sql anywhere 11, tools for optimizing the sql queries.:

I've not worked much on query optimization in sql anywhere but I believe it should not be much different from Sybase ASE.    I found a great link which will answer all your doubts :  http://www.sybase

2009-03-09 sybase:

Hi Grant,  I'm assuming your table structure looks like this. Below the table are sample records     Cid Gid  c1  g1  c1  g2  c2  g3  c2  g4    Therefore :  1. Each Cid has multiple Gids   2, Each Gid

2009-02-09 How to install and get startes with sybase:

Hi Sohail,  I'm assuming that you were given this task by your boss because you have DBA experience.    Nevertheless, your cd should autorun and take you through the installation procedure. If not, you


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