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I know all about the Harry Potter series. I`ve read all of them several times as well as maintain a website about the series. I do not have spoiler information about future releases, but may be able to help you find websites that do.

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I have a website about the series. Please don't ask me to help you find books from your past. I'm really not good at that. Search or Google.

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It's so rare these days to find an author who can get people of all ages to turn off the TV and read a book. This series is awesome and everyone should read it!

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The release of Harry Potter Book 4 on July 8, 2000, was the very first simultaneous US and English publication.

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People have problems with suggestions to foul language and Dark Magic in this series. I have strong opinions on this and could go on for hours.

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Kayla06/08/11101010You were very helpful and i think .....
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Duomeng07/11/011010Thanks for the suggestions

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I'm so sorry, Victor. I'm replying to this on my phone while on vacation. I accidentally sent you the wrong answer. I meant to apologize for not being able to help you with this. My expertise is in Harry


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