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I'm primarily interested in people who want to write fantasy and can answer questions about what makes a fantasy, how well the writing works, techniques, characters, setting, etc. Check my stats before deciding!

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I am in the process of writing a fantasy in the Harry Potter genre, but different from those works in many aspects (first, unsold LOL!) I've had one book published and several more in the works. I have been writing, editing, proofing, teaching, and mentoring emerging writers for 40 years.



I have a BA in Written Communication.

What do you like about this subject?

The possibilities are endless!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

To get my first draft edited.

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Recent Answers from Susan Rand

2013-06-25 About behaviour:

Hello Yed:    If you are going to create a new race, you must create for them: a history, a culture, a society and a set of behaviors. To be successful (in print, at least), these elements must be realistic

2012-03-12 repitition in stories:

Hi Odel:    What you are describing in your question is known as the "and then" phenomena. In your sentence:     "john jumped then he looked for sarah, but he didn't see her. after that he walked behind

2011-07-15 critique:

Hello David:    Yes indeed, I do give critiques - please go to my website at and check out my rates.    I very much agree, what you have done right (effectively) is more important than what

2010-08-26 Can your character change the past?:

Hello Lee:    What an interesting question!     I would say this:    1. History has been changed by so many factors that even your time travel plot may be rendered believeable through effective writing

2008-05-17 Very confused:

Hello Sam:    I do have some tips for you.    First, if this story was inspired in any way by the Harry Potter series, you must remove any reference to Rowling's fiction in your own, such as "boarding


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