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I can answer questions about buying and selling on Ebay. I can explain how to set up an account with Ebay and Paypal, and how to get started in both buying and selling. I can answer questions about obtaining the highest value for items being sold, and how to buy at the lowest price. I can answer questions about likely selling price for items being sold.

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I have been an Ebay member for over 10 years and have completed well over 1000 tranactions. I have been a selling assistant for over 5 years, helping others sell items on Ebay


I have two engineering degrees

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Recent Answers from Gordon Petersen

2013-07-05 Question:

Hi,    There is no way to be 100% sure who owns any item. In fact, a number of items sold on Ebay are not owned by the seller.    There are a number of websites that offer personal item registration. You

2013-01-06 eBay/Paypal account:

Don,    You can set up an account on Ebay and Paypal from the home page of the Ebay website. It's a bit involved, but it's menu driven, just follow the choices.    I've sold old books on Ebay, and got

2012-11-03 PayPal:

Gary,    If you want to move money from Paypal to your bank account, you need to transfer it. Paypal will let it sit there forever otherwise.    There are no small fees as you describe, to my knowledge

2012-05-20 lifting limits for Paypal:

Joel,    You'll need to open a checking account to raise the limit.     As an alternative, you can probably send the seller a cashiers check or money order, but you'll need to check with the seller to

2012-04-15 Sell BlackBerry on eBay:

Craig,    It's my understanding that Ebay only allows cash sales when the seller picks up the item. I'd suggest you consider taking payments from Paypal, and shipping the item.    I'd also suggest you


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