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Most any questions I can answer about eBay. I can also answer questions about selling on Amazon and using PayPal. I can answer questions from Nonprofits about fund-raising on eBay and I can advise businesses about the advantages of having their business listed on eBay. I can answer questions about eBay stores including the set-up and promotions. I can answer questions about marketing an eBay business including blogging and social networking.

Experience in the area

EBay seller since 1997. Social networking blogger and active twitter user.



High school Graduate 1979. College Graduate 1981. Education Specialist trained by eBay and a Certified eBay Business Consultant backed by eBay. There are only 29 in the country and I am proud to be one.

Awards and Honors

eBay Hall of Fame recipient and 2008 Golden Ribbon award from eBay Giving Works as a Community Seller.

What do you like about this subject?

eBay has been my primary source of income and I enjoy sharing my knowlege helping sellers succeed!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

We start each day as a day of learning and growing. Continuing education is part of my daily routine. I work hard to educate myself and to keep my subscribers informed.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

My motto: "There is plenty of eBay for us all to be blessed and prosper"

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

eBay does care about the small seller. Avoid the negative eBay remarks because drama will not help your business:

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2014-04-03 value:

I found one on eBay with the same type of markings as yours and it looks like the seller has listed (

2014-01-04 ebay:

Hello,  You do need permission from eBay so I suggest you call them and let them know about the legal papers that you have. They will have to verify the account and you will need to switch it to your paypal

2013-12-25 ebay issue:

Hello,    Yes we all pay fees on eBay no matter what type of seller you are. If your listings were free, that was the insertion fee but the final value fee is not free.  If your item does not sell then

2013-11-07 Help required on wording for ebay listing,,,:

Hello but not sure what you mean because it sounds to me you have just worded that listing A-ok!    The simple fact to word a listing - set the item in front of you  - Stare at it AND describe it. Pretend

2013-10-10 commited awaiting payment:

Hello, no worries because if you bought an item on eBay, it can still be available to others till you pay, so yes you can be at risk to not have the item anymore but normally you will get a notice that


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