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As being one of the original 1st Ebayers I have come to see the many changes that the site has undergone. Some of those changes were good for the seller and some were not. As of September 2010 Ebay will undergo a major reorganization of selling rules. I am well informed of these changes and ready to help anyone with set up, selling, buying and handling disputes. Any question about Paypal is welcome also.

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Many years of Ebay selling and buying all around the world. I am the one called upon in my community when help is needed for any setup or problem solving. Being a Power Seller on Ebay i have seen it all! Most important I can spot a Ebay scam a mile away. I have over 10K Ebay transaction under my belt. I will also share my knowledge of Paypal with any questioner.


Besides graduating a 4 yr college in NYS I have extensive training in online matters. I have attended Ebay seminars all over the country. I am well read on the subject of internet auctions.

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I can provide upon request a list of people i have assisted in the matters of Ebay setup, selling and buying.

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Dave04/14/12101010Nice and helpful, thanks

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2013-02-03 E-Commerce:

Dear Karam,  Happy to help.  It involves alot of work and time to set up accounts, take pics and enter them onto sites like Ebay.  They will charge a commission.   U must have a credit card yourself to


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