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The best ways to buy or sell just about anything on eBay. No eBay Motors questions, please. I am also familiar with many of eBay's relatively tiny competitors.

Experience in the area

Active buyer and seller on eBay since 1997.
Top-rated PowerSeller (eBay ID comic-constuff)
Owner, since 1999 (we use eBay to buy and sell autographs, business supplies and other items).


Beckett Baseball Card Monthly
Beckett Basketball Card Magazine
Beckett Football Card Magazine
Beckett Hockey Card Magazine
Beckett Golf Magazine
Beckett Sports Collectibles
Beckett Vintage Collectibles
Junior Baseball Magazine


B.S. Marketing, University of Maryland

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

On eBay, timing and attention to detail are critical to being a successful seller -- AND buyer.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

eBay has the reputation of being an online flea market flooded with counterfeits and fakes. In truth, eBay has quietly cleaned up some of these problems over the years, and actually is now a more dangerous place to buy many items (including autographs, a category I am an expert in).

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2014-06-16 Selling gift certificates on Ebay:

You only ship after you have received payment, and if it's eBay, most likely it will be via PayPal and you would want to make sure you ship with tracking or delivery confirmation, and if $250 or more,

2014-06-16 Selling gift certificates on Ebay:

Yes, eBay has a category for gift certificates. Just make sure not to post any online codes or any photo that could be used to reproduce the certificate, and when you ship make sure you get tracking. Also

2013-07-05 Question on Buying Items:

Good question. eBay is a dangerous place to buy if you are not careful. There is no guarantee you are not buying a stolen item; however I can tell you in 16 years of doing business on eBay I've never had

2011-04-01 Ebay mailed items:

If the seller is shipping via USPS then a PO Box is not a problem, but many sellers ship via FedEx or UPS in which case the PO Box is a problem.    Another problem is PayPal, which is the form of payment

2011-02-05 selling on ebay and other auctions:

First of all, do your OWN market research on eBay. It's not difficult. Just search eBay for the types of products you intend to sell. See how your possible competitors list them (auction or fixed price)


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