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I`ve been involved with Ebay practically since it`s inception. I`ve spent a lot of free time in helping people find the answer to problems as well as selling techniques on the Ebay system. I`m more than comfortable with the Ebay system, it`s rules and policies and the why`s and wherefores of it`s day to day operation and the operations of both a seller and buyer.

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Been a consistent seller on Ebay since 1997 and have been regarded as a 'source' for information on Ebay itself.
In addition, I have owned my own business and assisted with eBay businesses for the last 12 years.



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Recent Answers from Marvinator

2013-08-15 Delayed funds, Confusion over receipt of payment:

There are two main reasons for receiving this type of email.      First: The Scam.  Someone has used the Paypal format to make you THINK you've been paid. They will then tell you to go ahead and mail the

2013-08-14 Selling Lots on eBay?:

First and foremost, the market for VHS and PS1/PS2 video games is limited, if at all viable.  So, selling any of them is going to be a long time-consuming endeavor.      When selling older formats, you

2013-07-11 buying defective products through EBay:

The simple answer is no.  And Yes.      The problem is that when dealing with Ebay, you are most often dealing with a 'kitchen table' seller.  This is a person selling items he owns, out of his house and

2013-07-05 Question:

The main fact of the whole thing is that you don't have any idea if the item is a) legal or b) even in the condition advertised. This is due to the fact that most of the sellers you seeon Ebay are individual

2013-02-03 Selling On Line:

Ebay.  Go to You list an auction, and people can bid or BIN (buy it now) according to how you set up the auction.  It's all in the help section.     At Ebay there is a fee to LIST the item


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