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I can answer some questions concerning violin playing and violin compositions, but I can't give info about technical problems, bows, violin making etc.

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john01/27/16101010Thank you for your response.
Eddie Hodges08/21/15101010Awesome!!! You're a perfect triple 10 (Ten) .....
Eddie Hodges08/19/15101010Michael Barkas,you're all 10's (Tens) and .....
jean08/28/12101010I need the good teacher I think .....

Recent Answers from Michael Barkas

2016-12-03 mozart:

Hello Anders,    thank you for your inquiry. There is no staccato in the introduction. It is the Allegro itself that might give the impression that the eighths are played in staccato. If one played staccato

2015-08-12 Air on G possible using D string only:

Hi again, Eddie,    I did some search and found interesting things I wasn't aware of. The original score is in D major. Here is how Bach composed it originally in his orchestral suite: http://www.songfacts

2015-08-11 Air on G possible using D string only:

Hi Eddie,    thank you for dropping by. He is using mostly the G string, not D. But in 1:49-1:51 he moves to the D, for example. Well, today it's not as strict as it used to be decades ago, you know.

2013-08-29 Scotland Fantasy:

Hello Domenico,    thank you for your question. I know the piece, but I don't have more knowledge than what is available in the internet. Is there something particular that you would like to know? I would

2012-08-28 Learning Violin:

Hi Jean,    thank you for your question. I think that the will and desire to learn something is not depending on the age. Of course you can still learn the violin, but only loving its sound won't be enough


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