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I can answer almost any question regarding the classical violin.Both playing and history. Also repertoire.

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20 years a professional classical violinist in every London orchestra...18 years freelance as a session player.movies tv etc lot of arranging too



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Many prizes and awards from the RAM where I studied, both for violin playing and chamber music

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Students at the RCM plus many chamber music students at summer schools around the world

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Recent Answers from Steve Levine

2016-06-26 Question about violin:

Hi Mariely.    Unfortunately these are at the very bottom of the violin pile! If you're lucky, very lucky, you might possibly get $150-$200. Perhaps if you start by advertising at $200, you can bargain

2016-06-11 Violin Value:

OK. Their most important maker at that time was Robert Gliere. They are retailing now over $10,000. However, you need to look and see if the label has a number.This will give us some indication of the

2016-05-17 strad label:

Hi What i really wanted was pictures of the instrument but I can glean enough info from the wood showing in your photos.  Unfortunately it is clearly a post war German or Eastern European factory mass

2016-05-15 strad label:

Hi John,  Could you send me some pics? Full front and back, scroll and anything else you might think is interesting>  Steve

2016-04-28 Identifying a violin:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your violin is a mass production model. Eastern Europe or Germany I would guess but one of many 100's of 1000's. The AS on the back is probably a homage to Antonio


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