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Marc Leepson


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I can answer questions about nearly every aspect of the American flag, especially its history. I cannot answer questions about other flags, such as state flags and the flags of other nations.

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I am the author of the book Flag: An American Biography, the history of the Stars and Stripes from the beginnings to today. (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press, 2005).


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Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune. Magazines: Smithsonian, Preservation, Civil War Times, The VVA Veteran, Vietnam, World War II, Military History


BA, History, George Washington University, 1967 MA, European History, George Washington, University, 1971

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Vietnam Veterans of America

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Recent Answers from Marc Leepson

2016-07-30 American Flag:

Although I'm not an expert in the value of old flags, 48-star flags are very common, and unless there is something significant about the particular flag, I don't believe it has any special value. I could

2016-02-21 us flag flown over capitol:

I am not an expert on the value of old flags. However, I know that when he was in the Senate, Vice President Biden's office distributed many, many flags of that type. It's something every member of Congress

2014-10-28 48 gold stars world war 2 flag:

I never read of any gold-star flags such as the two you describe during my research for my book, Flag: An American Biography.     I just did a bit of checking and found there was something called a "War

2013-11-10 World War One burial flag:

I have not heard of such a flag. However, I believe it's entirely possible that it was a gift from the French government.     I am not aware of an organization called the Daughters of the French Revolution

2013-08-05 US flag with 48 stars with one of them gold:

A one gold star flag is a new one for me! All I can tell you is that the 48-star flag was the official U.S. flag from 1912 to 1959 when Alaska became the 49th state.    My guess would be that it would


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