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I can answer questions pertaining to coping well with mental illness, being most familiar with bipolar disorder. I focus on approaching life from a wellness model and strongly believe that, with the right approach (sufficient insight coupled with positive action and adequate support), individuals with bipolar disorder can lead meaningful, purpose-driven lives. I am most happy to help by way of providing clinical information / psychoeducation, practical suggestions, and a third-party (hopefully, objective) point-of-view to increase insight. I am not medically-trained and am therefore not qualified to answer specific prescription-related questions.

Experience in the area

I am an Australian graduate with an Honours degree (Class I) in psychology and plan to eventually pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. I have for several years been in close contact with patients with bipolar disorder, either as a relative or as a volunteer with various charity arrangements, and would like to provide more support to this group of patients.


Singapore Psychological Society (Student member)


BCom (Marketing and Information Systems) with Distinction, BA (Psychology), BPsych (Honours, Class I)

Awards and Honors

Golden Key National Honours Society

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

My hope is for bipolar individuals to achieve independent living with a good quality of life, fulfilling their full potential.

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