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Thermodynamics, chemistry, chemical reactions, kinetics, chemical reaction safety, dust explosion technology, static electricity. General science.

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Over 40 years experience as a practicing thermochemist in industry. Head of the fire and explosion laboratory of a major European chemical company (Ciba-Geigy). Now retired.


Institute of Chemical Engineers. Royal Society of Chemistry.


Chartered Chemist, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (C.Chem MRSC). Msc Sheffield.

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cj10/20/16101010Thanks, Kevin. Great, fast response, and my .....
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lama10/05/16101010Very helpful and punctual.
Lama10/05/16101010Many thanks Kevin for your response. All .....
Prashant S Akerkar10/01/16101010Dear Prof Kevin Thanks. Prashant

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2016-10-19 Powerboat explosion info for a novel:

Hi cj,    You are on a winner with a bomb you can punch a small hole in the boat to sink it with just a small woosh and a plume of spray. A big bomb (1000 kg TNT)  will disintegrate the entire boat to

2016-10-15 light/temperature:

Hi Keisar,    Thats a very good question.    I think not, because reflection and absorption of light sepends on the colour of the materials used to make the room. The colour would have to change with temperature

2016-10-05 Is this perpetual water supplier commercially feasible?:

Hi Eddie,    1. The temperature of the sea is more or less constant, it warms up a bit in summer and cools back in winter.     2. Land temperatures heat up rapidly during the day and cool at night. Hot

2016-10-05 Is this perpetual water supplier commercially feasible?:

Hi Eddie,    There is a fundamental flaw in this plan. Normally all round the world the land is hotter than the sea. Other than at the poles where water (ice) is in abundance.     It produces 'Haar' or

2016-10-01 Chemical reactions between acids with acids.:

Hi Prashant,    Generally dilute acids do not react together. You just get a mixture of acids.  Hydrochloric and Nitric form Aqua Regia which is used to dissolve gold.  Nitric and sulphuric form Mixed


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